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Instructions for Authors

Author Guidelines


  • Korean Journal of Clinical Psychology, as the first peer-reviewed journal to be published under the auspices of the Korean Psychological Association, boasts a long history. Our journal publishes papers central to the topic of clinical psychology: evidence-based assessment and therapy, validation and standardization of assessment tools, etiology-based original works, and digital-based treatment and assessment. High quality papers will be accepted dealing with any aspect of psychopathology and assessment, including biochemistry, statistics, epidemiology, psychodynamics, classification, clinical studies, and any type of treatment.


  • Peer review
  • Korean Journal of Clinical Psychology is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal. All submissions will be initially assessed by the editor-in-chief for suitability for publication. Submissions deemed to be appropriate are then assigned to an associate editor who then will request review from a minimum of two independent expert reviewers to assess the scientific quality of the manuscript. The editor-in-chief is responsible for the final decision concerning acceptance or rejection of submitted papers. The editor-in-chief and associate editors will not be involved in the review process of papers which they have written themselves or have been written by family members or colleagues or papers where there exist other conflict of interest.
  • Ethical Considerations
  • To verify that authors adhered to ethics in publication and in conduct of the study, authors will be asked to respond to relevant questions and when applicable, to submit additional forms.
  • To verify that the study meets requirements, the following questions must be answered
  • On behalf of the authors, I testify that in submitting the present manuscript to Korean Journal of Clinical Psychology, the following standards have been met.
    • The contents of this manuscript have not been published elsewhere at any other time and is not being considered for publication in another journal.
    • There exist no copyright violation concerning another article.
    • All authors materially and specifically contributed to the study and manuscript preparation.
    • Informed consent was obtained from all participants.
    • The study was approved by the relevant Institutional Review Board.
    • Copyrights of all measures and tools used in the present study were protected (e.g., all relevant measures and tools were officially purchased for use in the present study; consent to use the measure was obtained by the original developer/author).
  • Ethical Standards and Informed Consent
  • For studies involving human participants, please indicate in the online submission process whether “All procedures followed were in accordance with the ethical standards of the responsible committee on human experimentation (institutional and national) and with the Helsinki Declaration of 1975, as revised in 2000. Informed consent was obtained from all participants.” Please indicate in the Method section that the study was approved by the relevant institutional review board and that informed consent was obtained from all participants. In the case of special issues and review papers, IRB approval may be waived following agreement from the editorial board.
  • Animal Studies
  • For studies conducted with animals, please indicate in the online submission process whether “All institutional and national guidelines for the care and use of laboratory animals were followed.” If the authors did not conduct animal studies for the drafting of the manuscript, please check “No animal studies were carried out by the authors.”All studies conducted with animals must abide by the ethical standards pertaining to animal studies. Please indicate in the Method section that the study was approved by the relevant institutional review board.
  • Disclosure of Interest
  • Authors must provide details of any financial or personal relationships that might bias the work being submitted. In a section of the main body preceding the References section and in the title page, please provide a brief summary of the relevant information for each author. For example: “Author A has received speaker honoraria and a research grant from device company X. Author B serves on an advisory board of pharmaceutical company Y. Author C owns a share of the company whose employees and/or products served as study therapists and/or treatment protocol. Authors D, E, and F declare that they have no conflicts to report. A more detailed disclosure must be submitted in a separate Declaration of Interest form (here).
  • Changes to Authorship
  • Authors are requested to carefully check the list and order of authors before submitting their manuscript. In the submission process, the first and corresponding author must be clearly indicated. Please provide a finalized list of authors at the time of the original submission. Any addition, deletion or rearrangement of authors cannot be made once a manuscript has been submitted. However, if there exist circumstances (e.g., inclusion of new author or authors for the purpose of conducting additional experiment and/or data analysis at the request of reviewers), such authorship change must be reviewed and approved by the editorial board. Request for change to authorship must be made at the time of submission of the revised manuscript. To request such a change, the editor must receive the following from the corresponding author: (1) specific reason for the change in author list and (2) written confirmation in the form of e-mail or letter from all authors that they understand and agree with the specific change. Confirmation from the author being added or removed must also be provided in written form. No authorship change is permitted following final acceptance of the article for publication.
  • Copyright
  • Once an article is accepted for publication, authors will be asked to complete a “Copyright Transfer Form”. An e-mail will be sent to the corresponding author confirming receipt of the manuscript together with the “Copyright Transfer Form” or a link to the online version of the form (here).


Korean Journal of Clinical Psychology accepts three types of manuscripts: original article, review article/meta-analyses article, and brief report.

  • Guidelines for Formatting a Manuscript

  • 1) Manuscript must be written in English. It is recommended that the manuscript is drafted using Times New Roman font with a font size of 12 and double-spacing. Font size and line spacing for Table(s) and Figure(s) may be adjusted as needed.
  • 2) Manuscript submissions must include the following in the order listed:
    • a. Cover letter: The cover letter should briefly describe the research, in addition to verifying that the manuscript is not being reviewed by another journal. In addition, if there is a conflict of interest to declare, this should be indicated in the cover letter. If there are no conflict of interest to declare, this should also be indicated with a phrase such as “The authors declare that there exist no conflict of interest.”
    • b. Title Page: The title page should include a running head of up to 6 words, as well as the full title of the article. All authors and affiliation must be provided. A corresponding author must be designated with contact details including full postal address and e-mail address. If there is a funding source available, this information must be provided. A competing interest statement should be provided even if there exist no competing interests to declare. If there exist competing interests, a detailed disclosure must be submitted in a separate Declaration of Interest form. If there exist funding for the research, this must be clearly stated.
      • i. Formatting of funding sources: List funding sources in this standard way to facilitate compliance to funder's requirements: Funding: This work was supported by the National Institutes of Health [grant numbers xxxx, yyyy]; and the National Science Foundation of Korea [grant number zzzz]. It is not necessary to include detailed descriptions on the program or type of grants and awards. When funding is from a block grant or other resources available to a university, college, or other research institution, submit the name of the institute or organization that provided the funding. If no funding has been provided for the research, please include the following sentence: This research did not receive any specific grant from funding agencies in the public, commercial, or not-for-profit sectors.
    • e. Acknowledgement if applicable: Provide acknowledgements in a separate section at the end of the article before the references and do not, therefore, include them on the title page, as a footnote to the title or otherwise. List here those individuals who provided help during the research (e.g., providing language help, writing assistance or proof reading the article, etc.).
    • f. References
    • g. Tables: Please submit tables as editable text and not as images. Tables can be placed either next to the relevant text in the article, or on separate page(s) at the end. Number tables consecutively in accordance with their appearance in the text and place any table notes below the table body.
    • h. Figures: Figure(s) of good quality should be submitted as a separate tiff, jpeg, ppt file. A legend must be provided for each figure.
    • i. Appendices or supplemental materials if applicable
  • 3) The manuscript is expected to be written in accordance with the KPA Publication guidelines and the latest version of the APA Publication Manual.
  • 4) The manuscript must be uploaded either in word (*.doc, *.docx). It is recommended that author(s) use font size 12 with double spacing between lines.
  • Authors are requested to submit their manuscripts electronically by using our online submission system (kjcp.or.kr ). To begin the submission process, registration in our submission system is required. Upon entering relevant information, registration will be finalized. If you have any questions regarding the submission procedure, please contact us at kcpa-journal@kcp.or.kr.
  • In addition to the manuscript, the following documents must be submitted as separate files.

    • 1) In the process of manuscript submission, proof of research approval from the appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB) will be required in the form of IRB approval number. If an IRB approval document is available, authors are requested to submit the document as a separate file.
    • 2) Author contribution statement form
    • 3) Copyright transfer form, signed by all authors, must be uploaded upon final acceptance of the manuscript. The file can be downloaded here .


Before finalizing your online submission, please check the relevant section of the Guideline for Authors and ensure that the following has been included in your submission:

  • 1) Please check whether all files have been uploaded (cover letter, title page, main document, tables and figures, author contribution form, ethics form, IRB approval form when available).
  • 2) Manuscript submission checklist:
    • a. Check whether keywords have been indicatedat the time during which the research was conducted and manuscript was drafted in accordance with the Korean regulation concerning publication ethics.
    • b. All figures (including figure captions)consecutively in accordance with their appearance in the text and place any table notes below the table body.
    • c. All tables (including titles, description, footnotes if applicable)
    • d. Check that all figure and table citations in the text match the files provided
    • e. Indicate whether color printing is needed in final publication
    • f. Manuscript has been spell checked and grammar checked
    • g. All references mentioned in the main body are included in the Reference list and vice versa
    • h. If using copyrighted material from other sources (including the internet), permission has been obtained
    • i. Even if the authors have no competing interests to declare, a competing interests statement is provided in the cover letter, title page, and in a section preceding the Reference section in the main body.
    • j. Check whether indication that the study was approved by the institutional review board and that informed consent was obtained from all participants is provided in the Method section.
  • 3) Referee suggestions and contact details must be provided in the process of online submission.
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